Resto Rouge by Kalhöfer-Korschildgen

Resto Rouge takes on a identity all its own.

Can a shimmering-red cube exude intimacy? After revamping Cinenova's lobby – featured last Friday – German architecture firm Kalhöfer-Korschildgen was commissioned to redesign the celebrated art house cinema’s adjoining lounge. Resto Rouge might be physically connected to the Cologne-based institution but takes on an identity all its own.

During dark nights, indirect light turns Chinese Vermilion ceilings and walls into different gradients. At eye level, a textured ribbon encircles the space to break up a red monotony. Primarily serving as a sound-barrier, this optical horizon also acts to conceal a sound system, digital displays and storage units. Other cubic elements are accentuated in dark colours – including a central skylight. Punctual bar and table lamps orient visitors through the space.

Photos Carsten Gliese

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