Reynaers Aluminium embodies fifty years of expertise in a major hotel

The hotel is a beacon in the urban landscape with its unusual composition of concrete piers and suspended volumes.

BAHRAIN – Reynaers Aluminium is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. The Belgian company was founded in 1965, when Jan Reynaers developed his own aluminium system and started producing windows and doors. Today, the company operates internationally, with a team of more than 1,600 people in 40 countries. The recently opened Four Seasons Hotel in Bahrain, designed by SOM Architects, was realized with Reynaers façade systems and is the embodiment of 50 years of experience.

The 273-bedroom hotel is a new beacon in the urban landscape with its unusual composition of concrete piers and suspended volumes that form a kind of gateway to the city. Textures and patterning on the concrete walls, as well as the limestone-clad podium, create an earthy, natural finish that prevents it from being monolithic. The entranceway is made more intimate through the addition of an external bronze powder-coated porte-cochere with an aluminium ceiling, which continues into the lobby. The impact of the 200-m-tall tower is softened by a series of pavilions for the spa and conference facilities on either side, as well as a Mediterranean-style garden planted with olive trees and wild flowers.

Custom-designed aluminium façade sections for the project were developed by Reynaers together with Jungbluth Alu Partners (JAP). These ‘bespoke solutions’ add to the hotel’s striking appearance and distinctive air of cosiness. Each bedroom has full-height windows overlooking the bays, while aluminium panels throughout the building visually connect the disparate volumes.

To broaden this area of expertise and to offer its partners an even better level of service, Reynaers Aluminium aspires to grow both nationally and internationally. The company is set to strengthen its logistical and manufacturing capacity and to escalate the activities of its R&D department. Construction works for a new headquarter building and additional warehouse in Duffel have already started. An existing warehouse is also being thoroughly renovated, a project that involves the expansion of the Reynaers Institute, which includes a training, automation and test centre. It’s here that new products are tested and optimized, among which the bespoke solutions like the ones developed for Four Seasons. Additional investments aimed at generating more business in France, the UK and the USA during the next two years are also on the agenda. A comprehensive investment plan of this type represents a significant turning point in the history of Reynaers Aluminium, a company proudly celebrating 50 years of partnership and innovation.

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