RGB - The Jungle Exhibit by Carnovsky

'RGB - The Jungle' at Space Gallery: installation view under natural light.

Italian duo Carnovsky creates complex and hypnotic mural-like works, revealing various identifiable scenes only under different coloured filters.

The exhibition RGB - The Jungle at Maine's Space Gallery is Carnovsky’s first RGB show in the USA. Since the early 2000s, the duo has worked with layering different images on the same surface, each of them realized in a primary colour.

At first sight the viewer faces a ‘confused’ entanglement of coloured lines, but when the work is illuminated by a coloured light a specific scene emerges. This process allows for Carnovsky to originally interpret the continuous metamorphic state of things, while questioning the certainty of superficial appearances.

RGB - The Jungle focuses on the natural environment of the jungle; the red layer reveals the animal world, the green resembles lush vegetation; the blue representing a monkey’s tribe. The work was inspired by ancient engravings from natural books which Carnovsky faithfully has reproduced in the installation.

RGB - The Jungle is on show at Space Gallery until 14 September.

Photo courtesy Carnovsky and Space Gallery.

Space Gallery
538 Congress Street
Portland, ME 04101

Billboard: Salone del Mobile 2018
Billboard: Salone del Mobile 2018

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