Rice Home by AS Design Service

The contrasting materials used make this restaurant a visually-stimulating space.

Rice Home, a premium casual-dining brand originated from Hong Kong, recently opened its latest venue located in Guangzhou City, China. The founding designers of AS Design Service, Four Lau and Sam Sum, actualised this dynamic restaurant with contrastingly layered hexagons to appeal to the young and trendy guests. The Rice Home brand pursues superior rice quality with an emphasis on unique and contemporary recipes.

The 120-m2 restaurant creatively blends modern and innovative rice-based meals with diversification to meet the modish customers – all in an elegant and clean dining environment. AS Design’s client wanted a stylish interior, highlighting and showing the charm of cosmopolitan in new era. The designers achieved this request by creating a visually stimulating space using a grid of three-dimensional hexagons, a bright yellow colour and contrasting materials.

The interior walls are decorated with light-hued hexagons on a black background, covering a huge wall, prompting a sense of space with an infinite extension. The bright yellow hexagons on the ceiling extend to connect the indoor and outdoor areas, enhancing the spatial layering of the space, adding visual depth and also hiding all of the air conditioning.

The yellow bowl-shaped sculptures at the curved wood wall create a visual sense of food aroma and arouse one’s appetite. Instead of traditional menus, the designers opted for e-menus which are displayed on a series of TVs positioned at key points in the restaurant. 

Photos Sum Sing


Billboard: F119 Out Now
Billboard: F119 Out Now

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