A designer translates a multi-brand emporium into a 3D magazine

Huangzhou, China – Liu Kai’s Shanghai-based cross-disciplinary studio designed this 600-sq-m multi-brand collection store to be ‘a three-dimensional magazine, a readable store.’ Magmode, a retailer that sells fashion and accessories of various designers, wanted RIGI to develop a unified, visually legible concept by which it could present itself as cohesive and coherent. In this bright, clearly organized space, the designers also explored a model that would represent the country’s retail future.

RIGI defined various functional areas of the store as if they were the different sectors of a print magazine. In line with this concept, the shop’s signature was conceived as the ‘cover’ of the brand, while the most recent seasonal ‘content’ is featured at the entrance to the store. Every display area is considered a different ‘page’ in the publication, presenting varying content throughout the space just as a magazine organizes topics across its pages.

Top: The store’s back wall presents a seasonal introduction of products and trends. | Middle: Like a magazine's table of contents and its front of book, the most recent seasonal 'content' is featured at the entrance. | Bottom: The designers treated each display zone as if it were a page of the magazine. All of the store's custom furniture was designed by RIGI.

The editorial idea of ‘publishing’ regular updates is manifest in displays and signs throughout the interiors. The rear wall of the store serves as a succinct seasonal introduction of content and, every month, showcases (and sells) one book selected by a local library. Taken altogether, the store turns many into one. 


This project was featured in the latest volume of our retail-design series, Powershop 6. Get your copy here.

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