A rollercoaster for the eyes

BEIJING – Cotton Republic is one of those mostly-online retailers that nevertheless maintain a presence in shopping malls in the form of micro stands and shelving areas squeezed into corridors and walkways.

Designed by Ramoprimo, the underwear and sock fashion brand’s new flagship store is still constrained within a tiny bit of square-meterage.

Inspired by the interlaced timber partition screens of traditional Chinese architecture, Ramoprimo stacked five rings in a structural pattern around the store, modernized by a pop palette of yellow, red, orange and pink.

The large perimeter installation was the team’s response to the challenge of incorporating attractive window display elements and a product shelving system, which had to look great from both inside and outside, within a space of only 60 sq-m.

The result resembles stacked loops of rollercoaster tracks, playful fishnet stockings, woven baskets, or even ‘a psychedelic Eiffel Tower’.

The floor is made of black and white resin, in what Ramoprimo calls ‘a continuous action painting’ as the different-coloured resin shifted and flowed together while still liquid. The unexpected effects of fade and fusion recalls an abstract, traditional Chinese ink painting with its softly flowing blurred shapes and forms.

The colourful lattice structure is just the wrapping or frame of the retail space – wisely, the team kept the inner floor area uncluttered, using simple white boxes for the payment counter and vertical centre displays.


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