Ron van der Ende: Edge of Space

Brimstone, 2012. Bas-relief in salvaged wood by Ron van der Ende.

The sculptures of Ron van der Ende convey a whole series of illusions. His pieces appear to be floating in space despite their heavy weight, producing an the illusion of three dimensionality that is uncanny.

With perfectly studied perspectives, the pieces jump into space, emerging like complete and independent bodies in spite of being bas-relief sculptures hanging from the walls.

In a long and deft process, Van der Ende creates the sculptures out of salvaged wood. He begins by stripping the painted first layers, to use as his colour palette. Using small pieces and nailing or gluing them into a wood structure, as a painter would use brush strokes, the process of creating an incredibly detailed collage begins. Cars, rings, minerals, even a steak – no matter the subject – each piece is presented to us in a new, autonomous and surprisingly ethereal light.

Edge of Space will be the largest exhibition to date of the work of Ron van der Ende, as well as a unique opportunity to see all nine new pieces together in one space. It's a show that's not to missed, as the sculptures convey so much more than first meets the eye.

Edge of Space will be presented at Ron Mandos Gallery in Amsterdam from 30 November.

Ron Mandos
Prinsengracht 282
The Netherlands

Photos courtesy Ron van der Ende.

Billboard: German Design Council
Billboard: German Design Council

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