Ryska Posten by Vida

Playfulness is encouraged at Ryska Posten, where employees can ride bikes indoors.

True to the nature of the company and the conditions of the space, employees at Ryska Posten's Stockholm premises – designed by Vida – are encouraged (or at least not discouraged) to use their bikes indoors.

Vida’s concept for the 45 x 45-m office is based on a city. Used for meetings and solitary work, the boxes that fill the interior can be interpreted as buildings and the gaps between them as streets and city squares.

The architects’ main challenge was to bridge the expanse between the interior’s core and the windows while simultaneously drawing in light. To achieve this, Vida used an abundance of glass walls – 200 m worth, in fact – which together with plywood, Valchromat and expanded sheet metal make up the material palette.

The heart of both Ryska Posten’s physical office and its logistical activities is the storage and distribution centre. Yellow sheet metal was chosen for the structure since the material makes it possible to close and lock the space while maintaining visual transparency. 


Photos Robin Hayes 

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