Sandrine Estrade Boulet Interventions

Boulet feeds her imagination with unnoticeable aspects of life.

Sandrine Estrade Boulet expands a playful child-like imagination and applies it to her surroundings, transforming urban landscapes into poetic and irreverent territories of her fantasy.

Boulet works with installations - both indoor and outdoor - plus photographic manipulation and painting. Her mind always spots creative potential in what are typically unnoticeable details. A small bush of grass growing between sidewalks becomes the image of an unshaved armpit; two of them become pom-poms for an urban cheer-leader. 

Electric boxes, fences and even the Eiffel Tower excite Boulet's imagination. Her images express a contagious playful vibe that makes it difficult not smile at them. Her works are a remainder that sometimes all art can do is embrace the unbearable lightness of being - and it's not always an easy task.

Photos courtesy Sandrine Estrade Boulet.

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