Scott and Scott Architects channels minimal Japanese flair at Torafuku Modern Asian Eatery

Chefs and co-founders of Le Tigre food truck – Clement Chan and Steve Kuan – upgraded their business on wheels with a permanent home base in Vancouver's Chinatown. The restaurant’s pan-Asian menu expands traditional dishes with innovative combinations supported with locally sourced, seasonal fixings alongside organically cultivated meats and seafood. Complementing the ingredient attentive palate, Scott and Scott Architects’ pared down interior lets construction materials shine in a refined, raw state.

True to its food truck origins, the venue offers an open plan for an integrated culinary and dining experience. A communal table and bar are each expressed with a single slab of cast concrete. Spanning the table's length to illuminate its polished concrete surface, the architect’s custom-made pendant is a minimal fixture is a light bulb suspended with range grade harness leather and cables.

Rows of booths with low back leather cushions and canvas tarpaulin seats are braced with red oxide painted metal hardware. Wooden stools and chairs in their wholesome pine finish adds a softness to the crisp and clean elements. Wall-mounted panels upholstered with strips of cargo pad and denim cotton wool hearken to the trucking days while managing the bistro’s acoustical qualities.

If the interior of Torafuku Modern Asian Eatery teaches us anything, it is: you can take a Japanese restaurant out of Japan, but you can’t take Japan out of the restaurant.

Photos Scott and Scott Architects

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