Glamorous, sculptural, balletic? Sure – but this little gem is also a light switch

Barcelona – The next time a designer tells you they pay attention to the details, take a look at the electrical outlets and switch plates they've specified. There's a world of difference between popular, oft-considered (and reconsidered) 'details' like wall colour and more wallflower-ish details like, say, grout colour. 

The lyrically minimal Bridge light toggle, which resembles nothing so much as a calligraphic flourish, is just such a 'detail,' one that packs the punch of a physically much larger element of interior design. Oriol Guimerà and Joan Cinca designed Bridge for Spanish industrial group Font Barcelona, which has treated its gem of a detail with all the passion of a piece of jewellery for the wall. The critics tend to agree: last year, the collection earned the brand no less than four international awards from RedDot, Good Design, Archiproducts and Silver Delta.

Without obscuring its function, Bridge is a sculpture, too

At only six mm thick, Bridge's eminently simple form – a typographic serif – appears to embody Font's synthesis of industry and artisanry, as well as its commitment to structural minutiae and noble materials like brass, aluminium and steel. Made-to-measure for each client from plated metal and Corian, it can be manufactured to suit the specific materials, dimensions, formats, colours, etc. of each particular project. It can also be installed in most boxes of electrical mechanisms, including but not limited to universal and British standard boxes, and can be easily adapted to domotic systems. 

But without obscuring its function, Bridge is a sculpture, too. The latent energy of its whooshing proportions allows the switch's key to play with the plane of its support plate, floating freely in front of it without appearing confined by it. Oriol Guimerà and Joan Cinca wanted it to evoke a bridge connecting design and craft, art and ergonomics, modernity and tradition. It's no small achievement.

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