Seen, not heard: the work cubicle 2.0

We’ve spoken at length about the growing demand for privacy as well as personalization in the design of workspaces. Now, Italian furniture manufacturer Fantoni has designed a simple solution for the modern workplace looking to enhance productivity without compromising the democratic atmosphere of an open-plan office. The Acoustic Room is a customizable cube that allows employees to optimize their working environments towards the ideal balance of social interaction, collaboration, and individual concentration.

Offering all the practical functions of architecture within a minimal metal frame, the Acoustic Room combines the flexibility of furniture with the acoustic isolation of a physical structure. Transparency on two or three sides maintains the visible continuity of an open space, adding multifunctional niches to large areas and eliminating the need for walls altogether.

Two interior faces are lined with Fantoni’s sound-absorbent 4akustik panels, while the remaining sides can be fitted with glass walls or left open. Available in four different-sized modules, Acoustic Room can accommodate a large table that seats up to six within a simple contemporary form that integrates into any layout.

Addressing the main concern of open working environments, Fantoni understands the needs of a modern office. An in-house research centre uses sociological enquiry to inform the innovative products, dramatically restructuring existing environments with simple spatial solutions that can be adapted to meet the changing needs of a business. This research-based approach to design draws attention to the intangible aspects of a good work environment: the subtle addition of the Acoustic Room can influence company culture, boost productivity, and improve communication through its transparency and sound-absorbing materiality. At the same time, the minimalist contemporary aesthetic of Fantoni’s Acoustic Room complements its modularity, allowing it to speak the architectural language of any workspace.

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