SFC Bridge integrates public art for dynamic pedestrian infrastructure

The dynamic interior mural integrates various contrasting geometric shapes.

TORONTO – Amongst the urban city context, in Toronto’s Southcore Financial district, a new pedestrian bridge makes its debut. Artists Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins have teamed up with New York-based architect James Khamsi of FIRM a.d to complete the project – designing a striking elevated walkway bridge that unifies art and architecture. The SFC Bridge not only expands the city’s pedestrian accessibility throughout the year with an enclosed passageway but also adds a playful touch to urban infrastructure.

The contemporary structure sits comfortably within the surrounding context while sparking a dynamic artistic aesthetic which is visually enticing. Rigid in form, the architecture is wrapped with dark aluminium panels which follow the structural trusses, binding at integral angles and bends. The bridge’s façade materials form a dialogue with a new hotel connecting to the financial centre. External panels’ forming a zigzagged pattern carve triangular windows, articulating the graphic shapes in light and shadow throughout the bridge’s interior. The windows frame outward views of the urban backdrop, offering a vitalizing experience to visitors as they cross the bridge. Other highlights of the design include digitally designed, hand-painted murals that extend across the interior walls and ceilings. Trapezoids, diagonals and triangles hued in black and white put a contemporary spin on disruptive camouflage. Overall the art enhances the walking space and creates a changing experience from diverse perspectives.

The scheme’s contrasting geometric shapes offer an imaginative approach to once-mundane pedestrian infrastructure with a balanced medley between art and architecture.

Photos courtesy of Andrew Rowat
Drawings courtesy of James Khamsi, Jennifer Marman, Daniel Borins

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