Shumis Pizzeria by Opa Studio

‘Cheap, simple and accessible materials fill the space,’ Zaafrani says.

In an industrial area of Rishon-Lezion, Israel, the Shumis Pizzeria combines budget-savvy design, recycled materials and American pop culture.

‘We approach our projects with the intent to have fun, but we especially enjoyed this project since we had to walk into the shoes of potential pizza consumers,’ say designers Gilad Zaafrany and Lotan Singer of Studio Opa. ‘On the one hand, they know pizza isn't the healthiest food in the world, but they at least want to enjoy it, big time! That was the basic concept with which we approached this project.’

The space has a strong colour palette and is filled with inexpensive, accessible materials. One half is coated with repeated patterns of recycled tomato sauce cans (an evident homage to Warhol and Pop Art), while the other side features plywood walls and cut-out forms.

‘The emphasis in tones and style was bright strong colors and on creating a dramatic space, which enhances the client's experience,’ the designers says.  

Photos courtesy Yoav Gorin.

Shumis Pizzeria
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Billboard: Frame #120 Outnow
Billboard: Frame #120 Outnow

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