Silestone Slab Vases

The stone rings are available in a variety of shapes and sizes; the user can assemble as desired.

A series of ring-shaped stone slabs can be used to build stackable flower vases.

The design, realized by Swedish studio Form Us With Love in collaboration with Spanish label Cosentino, is made of quartz Silestone. Formed into rings of various sizes, the pieces slip over metal brackets to create sculptural vases.

‘The project aims to break away from the familiar Silestone slab form and explore the material’s tactile dimension,’ says John Löfgren of FUWL. ‘From our side it was really about being able to handle the material: to feel it, to lift it, to be able to feel the weight. Slab Vases is a conceptual project showing ways of playing with the material.’

Each vase can have its own shape, form and size, pending the user’s wishes.

The design was shown at the Form Us With Friends exhibit at Stockholm Design Week last week.

Photo and film by Jonas Lindström.

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