Sleep with curated design at Tribe Perth

Perth, Australia – From sumptuous textiles to locally roasted coffee, the Tribe Hotel by architect Travis Walton and art director Marsha Golemac is filled with a curated selection of design objects that bring the hospitality space to the border of a contemporary art gallery. Dark materiality creates a luxurious aesthetic while iconic furniture by renowned designers offer a visual wonderland to anyone with an eye for detail.


At the same time, the hospitality concept is a restrained one. Bare concrete serves as the ceiling in the common area – a soothing space that becomes progressively more luxurious as it reaches the human level; metallic-plated columns give way to plush textiles, marble side tables and velvety couches. Furniture by Moroso is nonchalantly spread across the room with cushions by Jean-Paul Gaultier and lighting by Tom Dixon – adding an eclectic mix of high-end details to a relaxed, contemporary framework of raw concrete and glass.

Tribe Perth’s hard black façade is referenced throughout its interior with a rich material palette of marble, black glass, and cast iron. Supple textiles add a variety of deep hues, punctuated by the occasional gold accent and quirky accessory perched along the shelves.

The ubiquitous theme of curation, or the ‘edited hotel experience,’ seeks to provide guests with a luxurious atmosphere without overwhelming them with meaningless stuff. Custom-designed flooring and bedframes manifest the meticulous concept which ensures each piece of the hotel is an intentional and well-considered addition for a more meaningful experience. The result is a pleasant deviation from tasteless extravagance which offers an abundance of clutter – opting instead for a clean, curated collection of sensuous and aesthetic pleasure.

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