Slipstream by FreelandBuck

Slipstream, an installation by FreelandBuck in New York’s Bridge Gallery, is the translation of a two-dimensional line drawing into a three-dimensional space.

Advancements in architectural software over the past few decades have allowed designers to create fluid digital models. But the qualities associated with those non-tangible models – undulating and often temporary – haven’t shifted quite so successfully to the physical world.

Calling to mind Lebbeus Woods’ 2010 Slipstreaming drawings, the installation is the result of extruding a drawing into the gallery space. The structure affords visitors shifting views as they move in and around the object. The installation’s fluidity is amplified through the use of colour, resulting in what resembles a three-dimensional graphic print.

Photography by Kevin Kunstadt.

Bridge Gallery
98 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002

Billboard: Summer Sale 17
Billboard: Summer Sale 17

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