The feature wall in the 55-sq-m shop is covered with a boxed shoe display, creating a euphoric effect through the dazzling patterns in shape and colour. Each shoe is presented in its own 200 by 600mm box made of plywood, which are each slightly offset from one another. Displayed like museum artefacts, the products are neatly ordered and numbered. To learn more about each shoe design and function, shoppers can use touch-screen units in the centre of the store and enter the product’s coding number (which is labeled beside the corresponding box). ‘By placing our design focus on ways to correctly understand the merchandise, it’s an attempt at capturing “sneakers” in a scholarly fashion,’ say the Facet Studio team. Earlier this week we showed you their Streetology project. Click here to check it out!

Leaderboard: Architonic
Leaderboard: Architonic

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