SNOG Store by Cinimod Studio

Lighting soothes the sharp chromatic contrast between floor, wall and ceiling.

There is a reason why, for the second time, SNOG chose Cinimod Studio to design one of its stores – this time, in London’s vibrant Soho neighborhood.

The frozen yoghurt brand already has a fun and cartoonish branding identity (creatively engineered by fellow Londoners ico Design), but Cinimod was able to bring it to life, turning the store’s interior space into a sidewalk eye-catcher.

The studio built on the brand’s smooth lines and pop imagery, but diffused the environment with dreamy, soft lighting coming from a constellation of luminous spheres that hang from the ceiling. The glow ranges from a wintery blue – in sharp contrast with the pink wall behind the counter – to a cozier orange that warmly embraces customers.

Considering the simplicity of a product like frozen yoghurt and the usual predominance of white in ‘fro yo’ shops, Cinimod’s bold colour statement is what we call a cherry on top.

Photos courtesy Cinimod Studio.

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