SOFTlab's au naturale installation shines sunlight onto eco-friendly products

Innisfree is serious about promoting the value of being ‘green’! Their Korean brand’s bottle-recycling campaign is on the verge of reaching the nine million collection mark plus the equivalent of (2.5 million) USD have been donated by the cosmetics company to the nature and neighbours fund so far. These facts combined gave New York-based studio SOFTlab a clear course for an installation within the cosmetics brand’s Myeongdong flagship which embodies their eco-friendly vision.

A latticed white oak structure drapes from the store’s pitched glass roof and spans the entire ceiling. Soft sunlight filters through and shines a spotlight onto islands of products. As the billowing netting descends, the tangerine-hued recycled paper of Innisfree’s product packaging can be seen dropping like blossom petals from a tree’s branches.The use of only natural materials serves the purpose of highlighting the strict commitment Innisfree has for organic ingredients with its products. The display brings a different dimension to the retail space while aiming to strengthen brand communication to customers who encounter natural products and an equally natural environment inside the store. 

Building upon the fluttering display,SOFTlab took the motif outdoors for an exterior façade which outshines the countless number of surrounding cosmetic shops. Coated with hundreds of folded aluminium petals, mimicking those that will soon be seen inside, the store begins to brighten as the sun sets. Random petals containing LED light fixtures scatter a gentle glow which illuminate the building with a pattern seemingly falling at the store’s entrance. Within this premier urban shopping destination, Innisfree forages a green haven for tourists to experience the pure energy of nature emanating from the dedicated beauty brand.

Photos courtesy of Innisfree

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