‘I make site-specific cut paper installations – ephemeral drawings in both two and three dimensions that blur the line between actual, illusionistic and imagined space, says Pearlman. ‘Sculptural and often glowing with natural or artificial light, these imaginary weather systems appear frozen in an ambiguous moment, bursting through walls and windows, or hovering within a room. ‘My process is very intuitive, based on spontaneous decisions in the moment. I begin by making loose line drawings in ink on large rolls of paper. Then I cut out selected areas between the lines to make a new drawing in positive and negative space on the reverse. Between 30 and 80 of these cut paper pieces form the final installation, which I create on site by trial and error over a few days – a dance with chance and control. Existing only for the length of an exhibition, this weightless world totters on the brink of being and not being, continually in flux. It is my mediation on creation, destruction, and the transient nature of reality.’ The exhibition runs until 19 December, 2010.

Billboard: Simon Architecture Prize
Billboard: Simon Architecture Prize

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