Standard Studio's vision for Ace & Tate is 20/20

AMSTERDAM – Ace & Tate’s third store in the Dutch capital opened last month on Haarlemmerstraat, in the heart of the hip and historic Jordaan neighbourhood. Designed by Standard Studio, the store pays tribute to Willem Sandberg, Dutch graphic designer, typographer, and director of the Stedelijk Museum from 1945 to 1963. 

Sandberg shaped the art scene in the Netherlands with his belief that art should be accessible to everyone. Inspired by Sandberg’s vision of the art world, Ace & Tate pays homage to his legacy with eyewear that aims to be as fashionable as it is accessible.

The store’s interior is influenced by Sandberg’s graphic designs from the 60s, with a bold palette and prints by artist Bart de Baets. A neon installation by de Baets hangs on the wall near the window, grabbing the attention of passers-by, with the eyeglasses taking centre stage on a display system designed by Berlin-based agency New Tendency. 

With stores now cropping up in Germany, Denmark and Belgium as well as the Netherlands, Ace & Tate’s physical retail spaces are extensions of its online shopping presence. The stores coordinate experiential and interactive elements, like a typical Amsterdam-style patio where customers can try on their frames in natural daylight, and a photo booth for customers to take snapshots of themselves. 

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