StreetDome by CEBRA and Glifberg+Lykke

StreetDome grows from the surrounding skate park, sheltering facilities for skateboarding, climbing, and basketball.

HADERSLEV – Skate culture in Denmark is vibrant even in small towns like Haderslev, where ten years ago, Morten Hansen of SkateCity began an initiative to create a local skate park and sports facility. StreetDome, the result of that initiative, opened to the public last month on a harbour-front site. According to the architects, ‘StreetDome’s overall ambition is to set new standards for unorganised sports in urban areas. It is an open playground and social meeting place for different ages, skill levels, and cultures.’

The outdoor skate park, designed in collaboration with Danish skater Rune Glifberg, flows directly into the CEBRA’s ‘igloo hall’ structure, which also houses facilities for rock climbing and basketball. The dome is a practical shape for these applications as it maximises uninterrupted floor space. StreetDome creates a 1500-sqm circle entirely free of load-bearing structural members, an ideal environment for action sports.

Despite the dome’s functionalist underpinnings, its interior is beautifully detailed and filled with natural light. Monumental ribs of laminated wood warm the space with their natural tones while bright colors – green for the climbing wall and red for the building’s wide, glass doors – create a playful atmosphere.

CEBRA’s characteristically sketchy, light-hearted representations have never suited a project more. One of the firm’s co-founders, Mikkel Frost, often creates A4-size watercolor concept drawings that tell concise, visual stories about their projects. His drawing for StreetDome, an imagined Thrasher magazine cover, merges the architectural elements of the project with the aesthetics of its cultural backdrop.

Photos Mikkel Frost / CEBRA


CEBRA’s project, The Iceberg, was featured in a Perspective on the Aarhus Docklands in Mark #48, pages 68-73.

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