Studio Modijefsky adorns corner café with metallic accents and fish scales

AMSTERDAM – Situated within a busy roundabout, the Viscafe De Gouden Hoek interior features motifs inspired by its fish menu. 

The restaurant's name and concept is a spin-off from the Chinese restaurant which previously inhabited the locale, The Golden Corner. Translated into Dutch as Viscafe De Gouden Hoek, the name is articulated as signage of golden letters formed in an old Amsterdam font. With lamps directed onto the metallic emblem, the café presents a glistening welcome which attracts customers to pass through its corner door.

Studio Modijefsky adds touches of metal throughout the open kitchen and dining areas for a golden colour palette. Beginning just inside the entrance, the sign becomes a brass logo inset into the tile floor. A gold-metal frame contains a sink to wash up after a messy meal and acts as a partition to separate the dining area. On one half, an informal zone with stools at a zinc bar counter invites customers for a quick meal. For a playful thematic pop, a scale motif comprised of scalloped tiles, zinc and brass accents the walls and table sides. Reflected in a series of mirrors, a metal plate marquee menu elegantly presents the fish of the day.

On the opposing side of the wash station, a dining area with wood furnishings and leather panels lets customers relax and stay a while. A warm illumination emanates from a brass rail, both concealing light sources and securing fixtures suspended at various heights. Wrapping the perimeter walls, mirrored panels set at diverse inclinations reflect the interior elements into geometric patterns while serving to further distribute illumination.

Photos Maarten Willemstein

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