Studio Modijefsky champions the multifunctional for a hybrid hospitality venue

AMSTERDAM – Moving beyond a mere hospitality spot, Kanarie Club invites visitors to its workspace outfitted with gadgets, modern restaurant and playful pool bar. Situated in Amsterdam West’s De Hallen, the former tram depot now embodies a contemporary venue packed with a combination of lively recreational as well as quiet office-like areas.

Dutch design firm Studio Modijesfky respected the location’s historical infrastructure by weaving the original tram rails into the interior. Inspired by the former function of the space, the team replicated the segregating material and colour palettes of the tram depot as well as dividing the restaurant into several zones. Platforms have also been created to break the space and attach a sense of movement to the interior, while large strings of light hang from the ceiling with railings, light fixtures and large plant boxes continuing the dynamic feel.

Blurring the lines between work and play, facilities such as charging points for devices, locker storage for laptops and printers for admin work in addition to photo booths add a touch of fun and flair to the notion of study or overtime. And in stark contrast, a split level above the kitchen serves as a mezzanine with a cocktail lounge. Coming to life at night, the so-called pool bar draws influence from the squatters who lived in the old tram depot before its renovation, who used the leaking water from the ceiling to create an inside pool for themselves. The new version however is not filled with water but surrounded with comfy cushions, splashes of blue hues and reflective surfaces mimicking ripples.

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