An immersive and ethereal Studio SWINE exhibition opens at Brooklyn's A/D/O

New York City – Wave, Particle, Duplex, an immersive exhibition of new work by London-based Studio SWINE (Super Wide Interdisciplinary New Explorers), will open on January 17 and close on February 10. The venue is A/D/O, the 23,000 square-foot creative hub and polyspace built by MINI for creators and designers in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

In line with the studio's increasingly experiential explorations of the relationship between nature and technology, Wave, Particle, Duplex develops ideas explored in earlier SWINE projects such as New Spring and Infinity Blue, giving ephemeral elements, like light and time, physical homes.

The glass tubes for Dawn Particles were hand-blown at Brooklyn's Urban Glass.

Wave, Particle, Duplex, accompanied by a film documenting the four-month creative process, highlights the use of technology to bring humans closer to the natural world. The exhibition explores ephemeral elements such as fog and light in an immersive installation, giving materiality to the ethereal. The work looks to the energy innate to, but invisible in, nature and then, with awe, captures whisps of it in hand-crafted vessels put on display via modern technology.

The gnarled-looking, hand-distorted diameters of the glass tubes concentrate varying intensities of plasma, which gives off an otherworldly light

Studio SWINE are Japanese architect Azusa Murakami and British artist Alexander Groves, the third of A/D/O’s Designers in Residence. Their work has always diffused across several disciplines, synthesizing sculpture, installation and cinema through research to create immersive experiences. The studio's films have won awards at Cannes, and its work has been widely exhibited at institutions ranging from London's Victoria & Albert Museum to the Pompidou Center in Paris and the Venice art and architecture biennials.

Collaborating with local workshops and artisans in Brooklyn on their production, Murakami and Groves crafted two bodies of work: Dawn Particles and Fog Paintings.

(Top to bottom) Studio SWINE worked with A/D/O Workspace Specialist, Kat Ermant, to fabricate the exhibition. An early concept model, tests and experiments made during the production of Fog Paintings.

Dawn Particles is a series of hand-blown glass vessels containing Krypton in the form of plasma. Plasma is a charged gas responsive to magnetism, the fourth state of matter after solid, liquid and gas and the most common condition of matter in the universe: it is in the sun, stars, tails of comets and the Northern Lights. The gnarled-looking, hand-distorted diameters of the glass tubes concentrate varying intensities of plasma, which gives off an otherworldly light.

Fog Paintings are mist-filled vitrines illuminated by light passing through a dichroic filter. The fog desaturates, scatters and changes the hues of the light, much the way sunlight behaves in passing through the gasses and clouds of Earth's atmosphere. It was inspired by Transcendentalist landscape painters such as Thomas Cole who saw nature as an expression of the sublime.

Location 29 Norman Avenue, Greenpoint, Brooklyn 11222

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