Studioninedots hacks out an atrium

The renovation unites the regional offices of a company with a strong visual identity.

HILVERSUM – A 3.5-hectare former industrial site known as Lucent in the northern Dutch town of Hilversum is gradually being overhauled into a mixed-use commuter development after some 30 years in abandonment. Among its drab wares, a 1970s office building was chosen to host the new headquarters for housing corporation de Alliantie. The company commissioned Amsterdam firm Studioninedots to renovate the structure into an open and highly collaborative atmosphere that would reflect the consolidation of its regional offices into one facility and a greater emphasis on customer service.

To this end, Studioninedots carved a four-story, linear volume into the centre of the structure with varying floor plans on each level, opening up space and admitting more light into the building. A grid of perforated wood panels supporting staircases, balconies and walkways enhances the dynamic character of the void. The resulting interior serves as a vibrant atrium to host collective functions such as the lobby, library, kitchenettes and restaurant, while connecting departments on either side. This intervention is reflected most prominently in a glazed, Tetris-like form that cuts into the otherwise preserved and unassuming anthracite brick façade.

The architects’ work is far from finished here, however. A project repurposing a second building on the site as an apartment complex is due for completion at the end of this year.

Dutch Design Week
Dutch Design Week

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