Sugamo Shinkin Bank - Ekoda branch by Emmanuelle Moureaux

‘This rainbow shower returns colours to the town'. Emmanuelle Moureaux

TOKYO – The Ekoda branch is Emmanuelle Moureaux’s fourth design for Sugamo Shinkin Bank. Her interpretation of the client’s wishes of ‘creating a bank the customers feel happy to visit’ has previously meant the use of colourful features in the structures she designs. This time around, the Tokyo-based French architect designed the rainbow’s end next to a pot of gold.

Relying on the concept of ‘a rainbow shower’, Moureaux worked to integrate the cheerful design, not only within the bank itself, but also extend it to its surroundings, ‘returning colours and some room for playfulness back to the area’.

In order to emphasize the bank’s proximity to the activities of the commercial district of Ekoda, Tokyo, the architect used several strategies that  merged the exterior and interior of the building. A timber-deck filled with 29 colourful 9 meter tall sticks surrounds the structure’s periphery. Reflected on the glazed façade, these exterior sticks blend with the 19 interior ones. The exterior is pushed further inside the bank – or is it the other way around? – as a courtyard leads to the bank’s services.

Images courtesy of Daisuke Shima, Nacasa & Partners Inc

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