Summa College Veldhoven by Puur Sang

The furniture in this restaurant is all moveable, so the space can be used for multiple purposes.

Three students of the ‘Living and Design’ school had the opportunity of a lifetime when they helped a Dutch studio design the interior of their own school. The students were guided and supervised by Puur Sang, an interior architecture office from Eindhoven.

Puur Sang guided this project from their own belief that the interior of an organisation should reflect the identity of the organisation in order to have a positive effect on their success. What better way to achieve this then by involving the end-users themselves?

Not only the students, but also the teachers, were included in the design process. Puur Sang was responsible for the end result, but a lot of the work was done by the students and teachers. This resulted in a school where the students and teachers would want to work and the interior supports the educational activities.

For instance, the students work in small groups quite often and they sometimes want to simulate a ‘shop situation’, where the students practice displaying and selling products in a showroom. These activities come together in the ‘village’ that was realised in the middle of the school.

All photos courtesy of Puur Sang.

Leaderboard: The Sleep Event
Leaderboard: The Sleep Event

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