Sunday Books: The Birds and the Bees

Gill systems can make a maximum amount of water pass in one direction with a minimum amount of muscular effort.

The wonder of life is something to ponder, isn’t it? And not just the birds and the bees, but the plants, penguins and polar bears – and everything in between and beyond.

How these organisms have adapted to cope with everyday situations is as diverse as life on this planet. Tapping into this diversity, designers today are seeking inspiration for the creation of buildings, products, systems and materials in line with the numerous strategies by which nature handles situations.

In the book Industry of Nature, a joint publication by Frame and matériO, such strategies have been beautifully illustrated by Benjamin Gomez and Myriam Hathout of Dépli Design Studio, some of which we share with you now. Images speak a thousand words and even though wildlife photography often captures all the raw emotion of nature, here the combination of paintings and explanatory drawings feel even more personal, efficient and strong.

Drawings and illustrations by Dépli Design Studio.

Leaderboard: Architonic
Leaderboard: Architonic

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