Supernova by Liong Lie Architects

The project offers the opportunity to delve further into a dynamic architectural experience.

UTRECHT – Rotterdam-based Liong Lie Architects recently revealed a new concept for a congress venue in Utrecht, the Netherlands which strikingly engages the senses, stimulates one’s perception of space, and offers – through alienesque sensorial qualities – the opportunity to delve further into a dynamic and almost cosmic architectural experience.

Within the country’s largest conference centre, Supernova lays out 3500-sq-m of flexible state-of-the art convention and meeting facilities, accessible through a large foyer. Catering for a wide range of needs, the venue provides convenient access to an array of complementary services and amenities, making it a thriving business and knowledge hub in the region.

Visitors make their way through a transition area before entering the congress halls. Each hall boasts a highly-theatrical design so as to create immersive environments, triggering and driving different interactive narratives.

Resembling a science-fiction movie set, Mission – one of the spaces designed by Liong Lie Architects – calls upon an experimental manipulation of light, reflective materials and patterns to give the illusion of a virtually uninterrupted spatial sequence.

The Quest and Expedition spaces were designed as actual engine rooms. Visitors grasp and experience the halls’ scale and form through futuristic colours and finishes, such as wall-mounted metallic panels and black rubber flooring. An industrial ceiling fan serves as a rotating piece of art in the centre of the Expedition room, embracing an explicit and rather peculiar mechanical aesthetic.

The architects created an extravagant spaceship-like design for the Progress room. The exterior walls are clad with carbon fibre sheets and feature powerful green LED light strips, whereas the interior displays an extensive use of grey perforated panels, improving the space’s ventilation. Their application performs both aesthetically and functionally.

Liong Lie Architects skillfully combines architectural lighting and materials to bring a truly vibrant, immersive design to a once dull and monotonous environment. The project envisions sharp scenographic experiences, seeking to nurture a creative dialogue and foster effective interactions among users.

Photos Christiaan de Bruijne







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