Sylphy by Okamura

The Japanese furniture company launched a new line of office products at Chicago's NeoCon 2014.

With 4 million sq ft of floor space, Chicago’s Merchandise Mart once stood as the largest commercial space in the world – it was only recently trumped in the Guinness Book of World Records by another building in China. The gigantic venue hosted NeoCon 2014, a trade fair which brought 50,000 industry professionals including clients, designers, suppliers, manufacturers and media from all over the world, forming a temporary design mecca in the heart of America.

Winning the Best of NeoCon 2014 Silver award, Okamura’s renovated showroom received widespread acclaim during the event’s 46th edition. The Japanese furniture company launched a new line of office products including the ergonomic Sylphy task chair and muffle panel system which both offer unique designs alongside quality construction. In the healthcare sector, the divo I.V. stand literally stood out for its clean aesthetic and extreme functionality.

Responding to the diverse body types, Sylphy task seating accommodates the transient ethos found in offices today and gives back control to the user to set their ideal working position. Key to user comfort, a lever to alter the back curve gives ideal lumbar support to both large and small-framed individuals.

Photos Courtesy Okamura

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