Syn-oikia Pittaki by Beforelight

The light installation in the Monastiraki neighbourhood in Athens.

Collective Beforelight, in collaboration with Imagine the City, has taken part in the project Syn-oikia Pittaki with a breathtaking street installation made of light fixtures donated by local citizens.

Considering that Athens is undergoing very dark times, it is heart opening to see how an art project can not only embellish a poor area, but also actively involve the communities of one of the most troubled European cities.

The initiative takes place in the Monastiraki area, a neighbourhood were few shops have resisted the crisis and were there are few residents left. Beforelight - a collective working with the many possibilities to use artificial light in art - asked people to donate old lamps, hats and lampshades. The material collected was repaired and made impermeable in a free workshop space. Members of the community participated in the repairing stages.

Syn-oikia Pittaki was inaugurated in November 2012 and continues to decorate the street, giving it a warm, cozy and homely vibe. Passers-byes and tourists can enjoy the cheerful party of lights that transformed a forgotten street into a space of magic and poetry.

With this installation Beforelight created an amazing piece of participative art. Apart from the charming effect, the project has a less visible side, actively connecting people of the neighbourhood. Given the visibility of the project in many social media and news websites, we can guess that it is already a destination in the map of any tourist visiting Athens until 30 November 2013.

Organization: ImagineTheCity -Beforelight (light installation)
Street artist-illustrations: Giorgos Kez and Cristina Checis (Crosti)
Supported: Municipality of Athens
Sponsored: campaign "Reasons to believe" Coca Cola.

Images courtesy of Beforelight.

Leaderboard: The Sleep Event
Leaderboard: The Sleep Event

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