Tauber Collection

The Tauber Collection was presented earlier this week at IMM Cologne in Germany.

Sebastian Herkner revealed his Tauber-Collection earlier this week at IMM Cologne in Germany.

‘I was inspired by stunning conventional coverings of ventilation shafts,’ says Sebastian Herkner. ‘I like to give new contexts to industrial and traditional elements.’ Produced by Pulpo, the collection consists of a cabinet, bench and containers, which are all made with 1-mm-thin powder-coated steel sheets.

Stability and strength are added to such a thin material through the application of diagonal bends in the objects’ surfaces. ‘The bending is a constructive requirement and also a decorative pattern that plays with reflection, shadow and light,’ says Herkner.

Tauber-Collection’s inherent versatility permits several combinations; all the elements are compatible but can also be used separately.

The IMM trade fair runs until Sunday, 22 January.

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