Tembo and Bolt

The 'Jekyll' edition of the 'Tembo' stool omits is dark, more mysterious aesthetic.

Two stools were launched by new design label La Chance during its debut at last month’s Salone del Mobile.

Tembo and Bolt stools were premiered as part of the brand’s first collection Jekyll & Hyde. As the name indicates, the stools are available in opposing styles and finishes. The 'Hyde' version adopts bright finishes and colours, while the 'Jekyll' version boasts darker tones combined with natural materials.

Tembo stool is made of stackable wood, metal and cork; its reminiscent of children’s toys and African tomtoms. On the other hand, Bolt is a simple volume with just four cylinders of solid wood, attached by a metal ring; it can also be used as a side table.

The stools were designed by Stockholm-based Note Design Studio for La Chance, a new furniture and lighting brand created by Jean-Baptiste Souletie and Louise Breguet.

Leaderboard: The Sleep Event
Leaderboard: The Sleep Event

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