Tetra Shed

Tetra Shed’s windows and doors can be closed when not in use.

Tetra Shed is a modular geometrical volume, designed to be a modern-day garden office.

‘More and more people are choosing to work from home,’ says David Ajasa-Adekunle of Innovation Imperative. ‘We wanted to provide a stylish and contemporary alternative.’

When used as a singular module, Tetra Shed is indicated for garden use, providing enough space for two people to work. Its modular versatility adapts to varied spaces. Indoors, separate semi-private pods can create an office environment, in an endless combination of modules.

Tetra Shed is constructed from eco‐friendly Structural Insulated Panels, clad with matt black rubber on the exterior; the interior is lined with birch faced plywood. Other finishing options are available, with variations in shades and materials.

‘We wanted to provide an innovative yet practical and affordable adaptable building system suitable for a host of uses,’ Ajasa-Adekunle says. Tetra Shed won the Cool Wall 2011 Competition at the last 100% Design in London.

Photos courtesy Innovation Imperative.


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