The Bridge Project

In the installation, the spatial, temporal, psychological and cultural distances between space is bridged or overcome.

Known for his large-scale installations, South Korean artist Do Ho Suh uses architectural elements from his immediate surroundings to reflect on identity.

His latest project - a giant green hallways-like structure - is a fictional architectural utopia of an inhabitable bridge. Made completely of textile, the piece appears as though it has objects inside like a door and phone covered in green fabric; in reality, everything has been constructed of the stiff green material.

The installation references Suh’s time as a guest of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin program. The green structure is made of three hallways from Suh's Berlin apartment that are suspended inside each other, like a Russian doll.

Suh says The Bridge Project overcomes distances between temporal, spatial, psychological and cultural gaps. His pieces reflect on both the viewer’s identity and Suh’s own biography as an artist in a postmodern globalized world.

The project can be seen as part of the Wielandstr. 18, 12159 Berlin exhibit, on until 15 October at the daadgalerie.

Billboard: Vescom
Billboard: Vescom

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