The city, the park, and the fjord reconnect through ADEPT’s architecture

Vestre Fjordpark by ADEPT. Photo Rasmus Hjortshoj

AALBORG – ADEPT in collaboration with landscape architects GHB creates a new narrative around the Limfjord – the largest fjord landscape in Denmark. City dwellers can enjoy a renewed interest in their active relationship with the landscape. Indeed, the architecture encourages activity and exercise as the park is no longer limited to a place to walk around and lay down.

At the edge of the city, the park’s new building reconnects to ‘real’ nature -  where water is present, bird life and fish are abundant, and beaches and meadows welcome users. The architects aimed at creating a direct line between the fjord and the visitors – establishing better accessibility from land to sea. They claim that ‘it is the balance between the natural landscape, the planned functions, the new “water spaces” and the users that really adds life and character to Vestre Fjord Park.’

The building runs along the isthmus with a series of nine volumes clustered into three groups, activating both sides of the narrow piece of land. Of modest size and minimalist timber cladding, the one-storey building uses its roof as a playground for visitors. Two open air swimming areas are built on the southern side. The easternmost volume extends out into the fjord.

The main promenade on the land clearly leads to this low-lying multi-functional building. Divided into several smaller areas, the park tells a tale and each volume acts like a chapter in a story. Trampolines, playful little mounds on the roof, green roofs, open air swimming areas, and sandy dunes allow for unique and distinct interactions between visitors and the park.

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