The Contradiction of Silence by Alexander Ekman

All the sets in the film were created using Bolon carpets.

In celebration of the launch of its new carpet range, carpet company Bolon commissioned renowned choreographer Alexander Ekman to create a short film. The playful and witty piece features sequences of dancing, timed to the motion of a weaving mill.

Not simply portraying dancers stamping their feet on Bolon’s collection, Ekman really addresses the qualities of the company he is collaborating with. From set designs to dancer’s costumes, to, well, the floor, the entire film is created using Bolon’s carpets.

The starting point for the film was the company's The Silent Collection. The collaboration with Alexander Eckman is the most recent on a long list of collaborations between Bolon and other creatives, with names such as Missoni, Paul Smith and Jean Nouvel preceding them.

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