The Desert Forest by Phoenix

'The Desert Forest' used plastic strips, rope, foam and fur for an installation at the Burning Man Festival.

For the 2012 Burning Man festival, New York-based designer Phoenix created a 2322-sq-m ‘forest’ made from curtains of rippling white plastic, and assembled it in the Nevada desert.

The Desert Forest was originally constructed in Brooklyn, using 3251-sq-m of plastic strung from a rope canopy over a floor of foam and white fur. The materials were then transported and re-constructed at the festival.

While the forest didn't offer shade, visitors could walk through the undulating curtain of white,  or lie down and peer up through the canopy into the sky.

The installation included glowing lights, sound and ‘clearings’ where visitors could gather and reflect. Besides its beauty, the designers said the project's goal was to ‘transform the visitor’s state of mind: to provide a reprieve from the commonplace and induce an enchanted, dream-like perspective.’

Photos courtesy Omer Sehayek.

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