The Forgotten Language of the Cold by Joot

Kome Karhua by Finnish artist Joot, from her collection 'The Forgotten Language of the Cold.'

Countering all those airbrushed images of the Christmas season, these illustrations by Finnish artist Joot evoke the cold, remote dark magic of a high-North winter.

The illustrator, writer and classical flutist, who now lives in England, says the The Forgotten Language of the Cold was intended as a return to a simpler colour palette, while creating a story around her characters – bears, dancers, and whisp-like black creatures.

The deep blacks and reds have a folklore feel to them, as if they were lifted out of dark legends of witches, demons and fairies; an unsettling but entrancing mix.

‘The collection is about the connection/the lost connection with nature,’ she says. ‘It is about the theatre of life and the masks we wear to hide our true nature and to deceive others depending on our moods and purposes.’

Images courtesy Joot.

Billboard: Black Friday 2017
Billboard: Black Friday 2017

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