The Future is Here by dRMM

A neon sign alternates the messages ‘The Future is Here’ with ‘The Future was Here.’

An exhibition on alternative design and manufacturing methods opened at London’s Design Museum, with the ambitious title The Future is Here. Designed by dRMM, the exhibition looks at the whole model of manufacturing, and the moment of rapid change it finds itself in, including huge changes to the way we make, fund, distribute and consume products. 

From the online maker communities who share designs over the internet and produce them directly via 3D printers,  to carbon looms that weave car parts for Lexus, the show attempts to reveal what the technology can do for manufacturing and where the future of design is heading.

To reflect the nature of the Design Museum’s exhibition, dRMM’s layout lets visitors wander rather than following a prescriptive route, and each exhibit is mounted on a triple-layered cardboard plinth cut into shape using CNC methods. A neon sign (graphics by LucienneRoberts+) alternates the messages ‘The Future is Here’ with ‘The Future was Here’ – a sign of how rapidly things can become outdated in the digital age.

The Future is Here is on show at London’s Design Museum until 29 October.

Photos by Luke Hayes.

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