The Great Indoors Award: Event Recap

The walking tour takes a break after seeing student projects at The Ridder gallery.

In an industry known for its lack of criticism, there was a lot of it going on in Maastricht last weekend. The designers being judged in The Great Indoors Award got their own chance to be critics, forming a jury for the Great Expectations Award.

Still unaware which of their peers had scooped The Great Indoors Awards, the nominees banded together to tour seven interiors in the city designed by students from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany as part of a larger programme attached to the event. Over six weeks, the groups of students had been developing temporary interiors for seven clients in Maastricht, including a shop that doesn’t sell anything, a member’s club for designers and a café where the baristas also brew up graphics.  

Later, when the jury gathered to deliberate (with a bit of light-hearted bickering over the result), they applauded the students’ professional deliveries, which felt more like performances than presentations.

Valuing originality and a strong client-designer relationship, the jury presented the Great Expectations Award to Design Academy Eindhoven students. Their proposal was a series of interactive ‘pets’ for gallery The Ridder that acknowledges developments in the art world. The winning team was announced during the ceremony for The Great Indoors Award, in a space designed by Event Architectuur with Frank Bruggeman.

Photos Bert Janssen

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