The Great Indoors Award: i29

A passionate reaction from i29's Jasper Jansen after winning The Great Indoors Award.

Over the course of the week we’ll be sharing a few words from the winners of each of the four categories of The Great Indoors Award: Show & Sell, Relax & Consume, Concentrate & Collaborate, and Serve & Facilitate. To kick things off we spoke to the guys at i29, who took out the Concentrate & Collaborate category with Social Workplace.

How does it feel to win?
Jaspar Jansen: Great! [Laughs.] But also a bit surreal since it’s the third time in a row that we’ve won. We feel extremely honoured!

How do you feel your project differs from its competitors?
It’s always strange to compare your own work with others’; your own work feels like a different entity. But we’re really proud of our project. It’s clear and powerful – results we achieved with relatively simple means.

What did you think of The Great Indoors as an event?
It was such an inspiring weekend! We met colleagues from all over the globe and shared a lot of rich experiences. It’s not just the award ceremony, but the complete programme surrounding it.

What’s next for i29?
We’re working on a restaurant in a fashion department store, on an office in the Middle East, and on several private residences.

Photos Bert Janssen

About the project:
A whimsical setting of colour-coded islands enlivens the ordinary interior of an office for the unemployed in Den Hoorn. Spaces separated by colour, instead of by walls, enforce the humane design concept that people should not be placed in boxes. Swaying the jury was i29’s use of ‘banal elements in an interesting way to create complexity’ in a design that ‘challenges people to move through the space to discover it’. 

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