The Heart of Cito

The tree stands 12 m by 5.5 m, and acts as a symbol for growth, branching and gaining knowledge. The lights also convey the idea that one can continue learning until reaching a peak. The tree changes colour through the day and night, though an LED ‘heartbeat.’ Like a heart pumps blood through a body, the tree is like a heart in the centre of the building and its lights pulse to change colour; its branches are veins that stretch from its core. The piece was unveiled last month by the The Netherlands’ queen. Ineke Hans is a Dutch artist and industrial designer. Her works have included furniture, products, jewellery, installations and sculptures; often they are centered around the psychological roots of products and play with the interaction between people, objects and space. The installation is located in the Le Maire building, which is the workplace for 600 Cito employees. Cito is a one of the world’s leading testing and assessment companies.

Billboard: Dezeen Jobs
Billboard: Dezeen Jobs

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