The touch of hospitality in’s first physical store

ROSKILDE, DENMARK – When translating a virtual experience into the material world, engaging the senses is essential. Jensen Retail Group’s design of Beauty by, the online retailer’s first physical store, creates a multisensory experience that takes customers – or guests, as calls them – back to the Art Deco era.

Featuring materials such as brass, glass, and velour in sharp geometric designs, deep colours, and soft fabrics on both the floors and walls, Beauty by looks more like a luxurious hotel lobby than a beauty store in a busy shopping centre – and that is precisely the brand’s intent.

‘The art is to make customers feel like guests in a home where the hosts have spent a lot of effort to make the guests feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment they enter the shop,’ says Christian Schreiber, retail director at

The store has only one cash register, which is concealed and integrated into bespoke furniture. While this may appear odd at first glance, the discreet presence of counters is a strategic decision: sales associates carry handheld payment solutions, which adds to the homey feeling of the shop by making it feel less commercial and more intimate.

By creating a personalized interior that contrasts sharply with the rest of the shopping centre, Jensen Retail Group makes the beauty store a fully articulated universe where guests can come to take a break from the outside world even as they indulge in a shopping spree.

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