The internet of things finds a delicious new aesthetic expression

Barcelona – In Reyner Banham’s 1970 New Society article ‘Household Godjets’, the design critic articulated the modernization of the kitchen by examining the changing ‘casings’ of appliances. In the essay, Banham argues that in the constant redesign of appliances, each product designer is eager to interpret the machines in a new way; but peel away the veneer of these objects and the insides are relatively the same. Although the Iberital Vision has been designed as a sculptural entity, it introduces cutting-edge technology to a cultural mainstay.

The casings of contemporary appliances must now act as gracious interpreters of the complex capabilities of the technology within. The form of today’s machines are entitled to beauty but simplicity is a necessity. Designed by Andreu Carulla, the Iberital Vision’s sleek form of stainless steel is topped with white or black marble and wrapped in a light wood, black glass or black-lighted metal. Its clean design is a frame for the thoughtfully integrated digital interface that demonstrates the intuitive technologies that exist within. The Iberital Connect system can be accessed through a tablet that sits on top of the machine but can also be set remotely through other connected devices.

As the internet-of-things is devising the potential for connectivity to reach landscapes beyond the home, the hospitality industry will be at the forefront of networked integration in spaces. With the advancing design of technology, Iberital is advancing the form of espresso machines to come.

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