The Jaunt: Take A Trip on the Wild Side

Amanda Marie is an American artist whose paint–stencil–prints can often have a fairy tale aesthetic.

American artist Amanda Marie – who we spoke to in June as part of our 'Introducing' series  (see here) – is going on an inspirational adventure to Glasgow later this month (22 to 26 October), after which she'll create a new piece of art that will be available as a limited-edition screen print.

This trip comes about via The Jaunt, a unique project which whisks artists off to locations in Europe to get inspiration for a new artwork. But there is a twist, perhaps even a risk – for the customer, that is, not the artist. You see, these artworks are for sale up-front, before the artists have even glimpsed the locations they are being sent to. Noone knows what the outcome of the trip will be, what the artist will be inspired to create amidst the cities and scenarios that present themselves during the 5-day trip. And that's the fun bit!

All interested parties are kept up-to-date through the artist blog on the project's website. In a way, we get to go on the journey too; catching glimpses as early ideas are sketched out, watching as the artwork develops and seeing its inception, knowing that a piece of history is being made.

Amanda Marie's work has a nostalgic fairy tale aesthetic and often features wildlife in one form or another – who knows what animals she might stumble across during her trip to Scotland, a land well-known for its myth and legend. Maybe she'll encounter a lake monster or unearth a unicorn, which apparently has been a Scottish heraldic symbol since the 12th century. Whatever the outcome, only 50 of the artworks will be made, orders for which are being taken up until the departure date, in a little over a week's time.

The Jaunt was first launched earlier this year and this will be the fourth inspirational journey so far, with artists already having visited Helsinki (Saša Ostoja), Porto (Collin van der Sluijs) and Riga (Hedof). More information is available at the website, and in this video with the founder of the project Jeroen Smeets:

Before the Glasgow trip, Amanda Marie's work will be exhibited at the Moniker Art Fair in London – read our recent article about the fair here.

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