Tiny Eats

Tiny Eats is an artisan food store where chefs sample, buy and sell local products in small packages. ‘We wanted to pay special attention to each material we were using, in the same way that Tiny Eats pays special attention to each of the products it sells,’ Amodio explains. ‘Our goal was to use everyday materials composed in a way that is unexpected and special.’ The store contains cork, wood pallets, pegboard, plywood, light bulbs, nails and twine. According to Amodio, the design began with the wood pallets that form the ceiling and walls. The pieces were individually selected from a wood farm and lit with hand-made Edison bulbs. ‘Because the space was so small, we had to maximize each element to its full effect,’ Amodio says. ‘Every element posed a design opportunity for exploring standard building materials and toying with their originally intended function.’

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