Top 10 Chairs

Chairgenics by Jan Habraken

Since the early days of design – boiling out of the Industrial Revolution – the chair has been a contested issue. As one of the biggest challenges designers face – a rite of passage – these ultimate objects must balance aesthetics and function, unlike any other archetype. Though current zeitgeist dictates that there are too many chairs in the world, these design essentials still act as test beds for new or revived trends. Frame went back and highlighted the 10 most ground-breaking chairs.

1. Chairgenics by Jan Habraken

Championing new 3D printing technology, Dutch designer Jan Habraken sourced the perfect chair by scrutinizing and combining successful classics.

2. Artichoke Thistle Lounge Chair by Spyros Kizis

With the looming energy crisis, Edinburgh College of Art graduate Spyros Kizis developed a biodegradable chair from artichoke thistle, found in Greece.

3. Paper Planes by Doshi Levien for Moroso

Taking the industry by storm, Paper Planes by Doshi Levien is among a series of eye-catching chairs, Italian furniture brand Moroso has released in recent years.  

4. Can City by Studio Swine

Studio Swine’s mobile furnace roams the streets of São Paulo, collects discarded cans melts them down  and casts molten aluminum into visceral stools.

5. Impasto by Nikolaj Steenfatt

Yet another material-driven process, Impasto by Danish Academy of Fine Arts graduate Nikolaj Steenfatt derives from coffee grounds, animal glue and saw dust.

6. Haptic Chair by Trine Kjær

Stimulating tactility, Danish designer Trine Kjær created Haptic Chair by juxtaposing rope-bound upholstery with softly-shaped wood.

7. Inout Chair by Bucca

Inspired by puzzles, Istanbul-based Burcu Aloglu and Can Ozbayram’s design combines different ‘floating’ components into a visually homogenous chair.

8. Membrane Chair by Benjamin Hubert

With a 3-kg weight limit, celebrated British designer Benjamin Hubert's latest chair stretches a woven-mesh textile over a metal structure.

9. Trail & Error by Cas Moor

Trying to find the best material to complement concrete, Cas Moor developed Trail & Error stools after experimenting with resin, wax, woodchips and paint.

10. Drawing Furniture Series by Jinil Park

Directly translated from line sketches, Drawing Furniture Series by Korean designer Jinil Park plays a visual game between 2D and 3D form.

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